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Learn how to play to your strengths and navigate your way through these challenging times using the Lumina Spark personality test. In this video we kick off by exploring what Lumina Spark is, and how to create your own unique “Splash” using the free Lumina Splash app.

download the free Lumina Splash app

  1. Download the “Lumina Splash” on Google Play or Apple App Store
  2. Open the app and tap “Start”
  3. Tap “No” for “Do you already have a Splash?”
  4. Type your Name. Then select “I am experiencing speed reading in a Lumina workshop. Then type “Gabriella Goddard” as your facilitator.
  5. Answer the questions by selecting “Agree” or ”Disagree”
  6. The app will automatically create your unique “Splash”
  7. Then watch the next video to interpret your results

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interpreting your results

Now that you have your “Splash,” watch this video to discover what it all means. We’ll explore each of the 8 Aspects so that you can quickly identify these personality traits in yourself and others.

comparing your splash to others

The great thing about the Lumina Splash app is that you can compare your “Splash” with someone else. Watch this video to learn how to do it, and how to interpret this comparison to find ways of better working together.

more about illuminate*

Now that you’ve completed the Lumina Splash taster, watch this video to learn more about how our illuminate* program, which is based on the full Lumina Spark portrait, can help you be more successful over the coming year.

why learn with us

We are coaching and training specialists with over 18 years of experience in leadership development and building high performing teams. The Lumina Spark Portrait is one of the core tools we use in our leadership programs. That’s because of the rich insights it provides for developing self-awareness, enhancing leadership effectiveness and strengthening collaboration. 

Gabriella Goddard
Coaching Director
Brainsparker Academy

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illuminate* your true potential:

  • Optimise strengths
  • Improve communication
  • Foster colloboration
  • Enhance influence
  • Strengthen impact
  • Build performance


Gabriella Goddard
Coaching Director

We’d love to share how Lumina Spark works, and how it can help you.

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