Stand Tall & Step Up in 2022 and Beyond!

Thank you for attending the WIA-Canada session on how to stand tall and step up in your career using the Lumina Splash personality profile.

In follow up, please find below the following:

  1. More about Lumina Splash and a link for inviting others to complete the test
  2. The “Stand Tall & Step Up” Workbook
  3. The link to my “Mastering Team Dynamics” course at Space Foundation University
  4. The link to our free brainsparker creativity app

If you’d like to find out more about the full 33-page Lumina Spark personality report, please email me at [email protected]


Gabriella Goddard, 
Coaching Director at Space Leadership Academy
Founder Brainsparker App
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More About Lumina Splash

To invite others to complete the Lumina Splash test, simply email them this link.

To compare your Lumina Splash with someone else, watch this short video.

To learn how to be more innovative using the 8 aspects, read this Forbes article.

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The "Stand Tall & Step Up" Workbook

Download the Stand Tall & Step Up Workbook and spend some time over the next few weeks reflecting on your Lumina Splash and capturing your insights and ideas.

What practical actions will you take?

"Mastering Team Dynamics" at Space Foundation University

Understanding your Lumina Splash personality strengths is just one of the lessons in the “Mastering Team Dynamics” course we created for Space Foundation University to show managers how to build high performing teams.

In this online course, I coach you through 25 bite-sized lessons on how to improve collaboration, communication, conflict, innovation, vision & strategy, feedback, coaching, and team performance.

Be More Innovative at Work

If you want to boost your creative thinking and spark better ideas at work, then we have another free app for you to download!

Join hundreds of thousands of people around the world who are using our brainsparker app to overcome blocks, activate their imagination, and trigger brilliant ideas at work, in life, and with their creative projects.

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