Stand Tall & Step Up in 2022!

Welcome to this WIA-Canada session where we’re going to explore how to leverage your natural personality strengths to stand tall and step up in your career.

In advance of our session on Friday 16th September, please can you download the Lumina Splash app and complete the free questionnaire.

  1. Download the “Lumina Splash” on Google Play or Apple App Store
  2. Open the app and tap “Start”
  3. Tap “No” for “Do you already have a Splash?”
  4. Type your Name. Then select “I am experiencing speed reading in a Lumina workshop. Then type “Gabriella Goddard” as your facilitator.
  5. Answer the questions by selecting “Agree” or ”Disagree”
  6. The app will automatically create your unique “Splash”

Then in the workshop session, we’ll dive into what this all means and how you can use this knowledge and self-awareness to stand tall and step up!


Gabriella Goddard, 
Coaching Director at Space Leadership Academy
Founder Brainsparker App
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