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Brainsparker App

Join over half a million creatives, coaches, managers, and educators who regularly tap into our coaching card decks to overcome creative blocks and spark brilliant ideas.


Brainsparker App VIP

Download the brainsparker app and upgrade to the VIP Membership. Get instant access to 25+ specialist card decks, mini-courses, live group sessions, and exclusive discounts. 

coaching kits


Activate Kit

Turn blocks into breakthroughs! Includes the activate card deck with 52 coaching questions cards, facilitator guide, & ideas worksheets. Instant download ideal for managers, coaches and facilitators.


Metaphor Kit

Shift from stuck to inspired!  Includes the metaphor card deck with 52 image cards, facilitator guide, & exercise worksheets. Instant download ideal for managers, coaches, and facilitators.



IDEAS Habit Course

Want to come up with brilliant ideas? Sign up for our free 10-day eCourse and discover the five habits and practices that can ignite your creativity – every day.


Gulp! & Go Program

Got a creative idea that you’ve been itching to bring into the world? Join our 12-month Gulp! & Go program and go on a journey to transform your creative dream into reality.


Illuminate Program

Discover your unique leadership strengths using the Lumina Spark personality profile. Learn how to flex your style to unlock potential and innovation in others.

books & journals


Gulp! Book & Audio

Want to face your fears and  leap outside your comfort zone? Get your copy of Gulp! and follow the seven-step roadmap to quickly build your inner confidence and courage! 


Ideas Journals

Never forget a brilliant idea again! Capture all your random thoughts and bubbling ideas in one of our Ideas Journals. Currently available in five colors via Redbubble.

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