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u0026amp; boost your ability to think creatively, spark new ideas u0026amp; solve problems at work

There has never been a better time to turbocharge your creative thinking and innovation skills.

Even the World Economic Forum predicts that creativity will be the No. 3 skill you will need to thrive at work by 2020.

That’s because our world is rapidly changing. New problems need new solutions.

And creative thinkerswith fresh ideas to innovate things, improve things, save things, grow things and transform things.

At the brainsparker academy, we believe that ​everyone can think creatively.

And with the right knowledge and training, it’s a skill you can develop and dramatically improve ​over time.

Our free spark* 7-day creativity challenge will give you a good kickstart! Over the next 7 days we’ll:

  • ​send you one video lesson every day
  • share some of the latest thinking in creativity so you can expand your knowledge
  • teach you at least one new creative thinking skill or technique every day
  • challenge you to think differently and shift your mindset
  • show you how to apply your new learning to real work challenges
  • coach you to be more self-aware of your own creative potential and what holds you back
  • email you a random brainsparker card to inspire you every morning
  • share inspiring articles, video clips and stories via our social media channels
  • gift you with a special discount to upgrade to our spark* at work 12 month accelerator program

Sign up for the free spark* 7-day challenge and start boosting your creativity u0026amp; innovation skills immediately!

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what will you get in each daily lesson?

video lesson

A video lesson of between 8-20 mins with our Lead Coach, sharing the theme of the day and explaining the key learning points.


An overview of one important creativity model, research report, brainstorming technique or case study to expand your knowledge.


Coaching questions to ask yourself to help develop your creative strengths and identify areas that will enhance your creative performance.

action learning

Coaching questions that you can use with yourself and others, to dig below the surface of real work challenges and apply your new learning.

who is your lead coach?

Gabriella Goddard

 lead coach

brainsparker app u0026amp; academy

Gabriella Goddard is an Executive Coach, Leadership Development Facilitator and published author with over 15 years experience developing leaders and managers from global multi-nationals, as well as entrepreneurs and game-changers.

She is a specialist in creative thinking and innovation. This passion started many years ago when she worked in international marketing and product development in the fast-paced world of telecom and technology.

Gabriella is the founder of brainsparker, makers of  the No. 1 creativity app and creators of the global online academy specializing in training u0026amp; coaching for creative thinking, creativity and innovation.

“I believe the world can be a better place, and it will be your ideas that make it so. All it takes is a spark.”

Gabriella Goddard

Winner of 2016 Global Impact Award at the Entrepreneurs Institute

watch the introduction video

quick view:

  • ( 0.10) Who is your lead coach?
  • ( 1.00) Why is developing your creativity so important?
  • ( 2.50) What are the learning objectives?
  • ( 3.35) Who is this micro-course for?
  • ( 4.55) What can you gain?
  • ( 5.50) What are the three learning principles?
  • ( 7.00) What is the spark* roadmap?
  • ( 8.15) How to get the best out of this course?
  • (10.55) Self-reflection questions
  • (11.30) Action learning steps
  • (12.30) What’s coming up next?

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