Spark Your Inner Innovator

Thank you for attending the Spacebar session where we explored the five essential SPARK skills for space innovators.

Here are some important links and resources for you:

  1. Download the SPARK infographic
  2. Read the SPARK article on Forbes
  3. Download the free brainsparker app
  4. Take a sneak peak at Gabriella’s “Mastering Team Dynamics” online program

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Gabriella Goddard, 
Coaching Director at Space Leadership Academy
Founder Brainsparker App
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The SPARK infographic

Put theory into practice and keep the five innovation skills top of mind every day. Download the infographic and post it somewhere visible. Then pick one each week to practice!

The SPARK article in Forbes

Read more about the five strategies to unlock your inner innovator in this Forbes article by Gabriella. More than ever before, organizations need strong innovators who can think on their feet and come up with brilliant ideas to solve unprecedented problems. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, these five strategies will quickly upskill your inner innovator.  

Dial Up Your Innovative Thinking

Join hundreds of thousands of people around the world who are using our brainsparker app’s card decks and courses to ignite their creativity, activate their imagination, and spark brilliant ideas at work, in life, and with their creative projects.

brainsparker - free creativity app, card decks, and courses

"Master Team Dynamics" at Space Foundation University

Learning how to unlock your inner innovator is  just one of the lessons in the “Mastering Team Dynamics” course Gabriella created for Space Foundation University to show managers how to build high performing and highly innovative teams.

In this online course, Gabriella coaches you through 25 bite-sized lessons on how to improve collaboration, communication, conflict, innovation, vision & strategy, feedback, coaching, and team performance.

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