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Brainsparker’s New Online Courses Aim to Close the Creativity Gap in the Workplace
February 15, 2018

Brainsparker, makers of the top creativity app, have expanded their range of online courses designed to meet the growing demand for improved creativity and innovation capabilities in the workplace

The World Economic Forum’s report on “Future of Jobs,” revealed that by 2020 creativity would be the No. 3 skill needed to thrive at work. This is a significant jump from 2015 where it ranked at No. 10.

“Our world is rapidly changing and businesses need creative thinkers who can solve difficult problems, shape creative solutions and be catalysts for growth and innovation,” says Gabriella Goddard, Founder & CEO of brainsparker.

But a recent study by Microsoft Surface of over 1100 professionals in the UK, showed that while 49% of employees believed that learning new, creative skills would help them be more effective in their role, 75% say they have not been offered the relevant training within the past two years.

“Our new range of online courses are designed to help businesses up-skill their employees in a way that is practical, effective and affordable, by blending on-demand video training, self-paced study, on-the-job projects and micro-learning,” says Gabriella Goddard.

Lead* is a 12-month accelerator program ideal for managers and team leaders who want to deep-dive into learning about applied creativity, neuroscience of the creative brain, design thinking, brainstorming tools, shifting to an innovative mindset and being a creative leader for others.

Ignite* is an online video training course that shows employees how to use the S.P.A.R.K. brainstorming model and techniques to generate better and smarter ideas.

And the gym* is a micro-learning program ideal for on-the-job training with weekly creative lessons emailed directly to employees for 12 months.

To learn more about the newly expanded range of brainsparker’s creative thinking and innovation programs, please visit:


About Brainsparker

Brainsparker are the makers of the top creativity app in the App Store with hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. The brainsparker academy was launched in 2017 to offer online coaching & training programs for enhancing creativity and innovation capabilities, especially in the workplace.

Gabriella Goddard is the Founder & CEO of brainsparker. She has over 16 years experience coaching and training leaders and managers in global organizations to be game changers, creative pioneers, and innovators of the future.

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