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Happy New Year!


From everyone here at brainsparker, we’d like to wish you a Happy New Year, and hope that 2020 is full of amazing creative breakthroughs and innovative accomplishments!To help you get your year off to a bright start, we’ve created a New Year Kit for you.But it’s not based on boring goals that you’ll forget by the end of January.Instead, we want to encourage you to focus on ways you can really unleash your creative potential over the next 12 months.When it comes to setting your creative intentions for 2020, we want you to think BIG – to grow, expand and unleash!We can help you make this happen with our New Year Kit and 3-Step process.


New Year Kit

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Now let’s get started…STEP 1: Expand Your Mind

Start by brainstorming new and fresh ideas: 

Select at least 5 card prompts, and write down your thoughts for each question. Go with the insights that spring to mind first and don’t overanalyze it! 

Here are some sample questions:

  • If you had unlimited money, what would you love to do?
  • If you could fast forward 10 years, what would your future self say right now?
  • What inspires you?
  • What would really challenge you?
  • What would you feel proud of achieving?

STEP 2: Go for Growth

Then go take a walk, ideally outside in nature, and reflect on the year ahead.

Think about the areas of your creative potential you’d love to grow.

Connect with how each idea makes you feel. If you feel excited and inspired, with a healthy dose of apprehension, then you’re on the right track.

STEP 3: Commit to Action

The best way to make big changes in your life is to make small shifts every day.

So narrow down your ideas to the 3 most important ways you’re going to grow and develop your creative potential in 2020.

Then identify what 3 actions you will commit to for making each of these happen. We’ve included some “goal cards” for doing this in the free New Year Kit.

  • By the end of the year I will…
  • The actions I need to take are…

Take a photo of each “goal card” so you can view it every day and keep it top of mind!



About Your Coach

Gabriella Goddard

founder u0026amp; coaching director

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Gabriella Goddard is an Executive Coach, Leadership Development Facilitator and published author with over 17 years experience developing leaders and managers from global multi-nationals, as well as entrepreneurs and game-changers.

She is a specialist in creative thinking and innovation. This passion started many years ago when she worked in international marketing and product development in the fast-paced world of telecom and technology. 

“I believe the world can be a better place, and it will be your ideas that make it so. All it takes is a spark.”Gabriella Goddard

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