new year toolkit

Start the new year by unleashing your creative potential and activating your imagination with our free toolkit. Whether it’s through your creative craft, hobby, or innovation at work, embrace each day as an opportunity to challenge the status quo and flex your creative muscles. Dive into 2024 with the spirit to inspire, invent, and revel in the joy of seeing your creations come to life!

1. Pick from the aspire card deck

Find a quiet space and spend half an hour working through some of the thought provoking coaching questions in our free aspire card deck.  Pick at least five cards. Put your inner critic to one side, and allow yourself to dream BIG!

2. Create 3 big goals

Download our Big Goals template and write down the three goals that feel most meaningful to you. Then add the three key actions you’ll need to take to achieve these goals by the end of the year.  Pick one of your Big Goals and make that your priority for the next 30-days!

3. Record your creative journey

As you move forwards towards your Big Goals, capture your thoughts, insights, and musings in our Ideas Journal. They’re fantastic for keeping track of your progress and you’ll never lose (or forget) a brilliant idea again. 

Currently available via Redbubble in five colors.

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