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Well, 2020 didn’t turn out quite as we expected did it?! Thank goodness we’ve now moved into 2021 and with it, the opportunity to embrace new beginnings and creative possibilities.

To help you get off to an inspiring start, we’ve created this New Year Kit. 

But it’s not based on boring goals that you’ll forget by the end of January. Instead, after the tough year we’ve just had, we encourage you to think BIG about how you to grow and expand your creative talents in 2021.

1. expand your mind

Our “Vision Pack” is full of probing questions that will get you thinking about what’s most important to you. So grab a notebook and randomly pick at least six spark cards. 

Each time you pick a card, write down the thoughts and insights that immediately spring to mind. Try not to overthink things or let that pesky inner critic be too negative. All ideas are allowed!

You can access the “Vision Pack” via the brainsparker app or online card pickers in the toolkit below.

2. incubate your ideas

Then, go a for a walk ideally outside in nature. Just breathe in the fresh air and allow your thoughts to percolate. Be mindful of any new insights that might “pop” through. 

As you walk, reflect on which of your ideas would have the biggest impact on you, your life, and your happiness. Tune in and imagine that they actually became true! How does this make you feel?

3. commit to action

Finally, download the Big Goals template in the toolkit below.

Select your three most important goals for 2021.

For each goal list the first three actions you will take to move towards this goal. Post these goals where you can see them every day.

Don’t wait, don’t procrastinate – just take action right now!


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