Leveraging Your Leadership Personality

Thank you for attending the NatWest Group Acceleration session on how to leverage your leadership personality to unlock greater potential in your business.

Here are some useful links and resources for you:

  1. Download the Presentation and Playbook from the session
  2. Access the free Lumina Splash Training
  3. Take a sneak peek at the Full Lumina Spark Portrait
  4. A Forbes article on being an innovative leader

If you have any questions, please email: [email protected]

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Gabriella Goddard, 
Founder & Coaching Director @BrainsparkerApp

Session Presentation & Playbook

Download the Presentation slides and Playbook we used in the session.

Free Lumina Splash Training

If you were unable to attend the session or would like to invite team members to complete the Lumina Splash, our free online training has short videos on:

  • downloading the Lumina Splash app
  • interpreting your results
  • comparing your Splash with others
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Full Lumina Spark Portrait

The free Lumina Splash is just a taster of the full Lumina Spark Portrait, which has 38 pages of highly detailed assessment based on 144 questions and 24 leadership qualities.

The full Lumina Spark programme includes the report, a 1-hour individual debrief session, and online video training. If you’d like to find out more about this, please email me at [email protected]

Special discounts will apply to NatWest cohort members.


Become an Innovative Leader

In this Forbes article I share how each of the 8 Lumina Spark personality aspects can leverage their unique strengths to  be more innovative at work.

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