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Want to create, innovate, and lead the next frontier? We train people to develop the mindset, knowledge, and skills they need to be an innovation catalyst in their organization and ignite transformational growth.

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Our world is rapidly changing. To survive in this fast-changing landscape, organizations need people who are creative thinkers, innovative problem solvers, and courageous trailblazers.

It’s no surprise that Linkedin Research cited “creativity” as one of the most in-demand skills, and the World Economic Forum’s latest Future of Jobs report reveals that “creative thinking” is the No.2 skill we need for 2023, and it’s the fasting rising one too.

The question is…are you, and your team, ready?


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As businesses pivot and industries evolve, our coaching and training programs will ensure you won’t just be reacting to these waves of change—you’ll be leading them. Our unique approach harnesses the power of coaching techniques, neuroscience principles, and cutting-edge innovation strategies. We’ll upskill you with the innovation catalyst mindset, knowledge, and skills you need to stay ahead of the wave.

coaching kits

Use our Kits to bring some buzz to your team meetings, and group sessions with 52 spark cards, facilitator guides, and worksheets.

training programs

Deep dive into the latest thinking in leadership coaching, neuroscience, and innovation with our blended learning programs.

executive coaching

Accelerate your leadership journey with our personalized coaching programs incorporating 360 Feedback and Personality Profiling.

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instantly turn blocks into breakthrough ideas

Spice up your team meetings or group sessions with some brainstorming buzz. Get our Activate Kit and instantly download 52 digital and printable question cards, a 22-page facilitator guide, and 4 brainstorming worksheets. Quickly turn blocks into breakthrough ideas and obstacles into opportunities for success.

explore our programs

The world of learning is changing. That’s why our range of innovation catalyst programs blends the best of mobile learning, micro-learning, online courses, virtual group seminars, individual coaching, face-to-face workshops, and even Virtual Reality sessions.

gulp! & go

Turn your creative idea into a reality with our online Gulp! & Go program, a transformative experience that will help you to take action and finally bring your creative idea to life.


Discover your leadership strengths using the Lumina Spark personality profile. Learn how to flex and adapt your approach to unlock innovation potential in others.

space academy

We’re passionate about upskilling the leaders and managers in the space sector who are shaping the next frontier for humanity.
visit space leadership academy


Build a culture of innovation in your team by using our T.E.A.M. model (Talent, Engagement, Alignment, Management). For management groups and individual leaders.


Make innovative thinking an integral part of your daily life with our gym workouts incorporating micro-learning with bite-sized exercises you can apply immediately.


Strengthen your foundation as an innovation catalyst by diving into the six core principles you need to master to generate bette ideas and smarter solutions.

certified catalyst*

Become a certified innovation catalyst in your organization with our train-the-trainer program aimed at leaders, coaches, facilitators, and educators.

why work with us

20+ years experience

Extensive leadership development and executive coaching experience specializing in developing creative thinking & innovation capabilities.

global mindset

Adaptable to different learning styles and multi-cultural groups located across multiple sites, both nationally and internationally.

coaching approach

Pragmatic teaching style using coaching skills to ensure learning is applied to real situations that get actionable results.

blended learning

Integrated learning interventions that blend mobile learning, virtual workshops, micro-learning, coaching, and social collaboration.

what people say

innovation beyond boundaries

The Brainsparker Leadership Academy was founded by Gabriella Goddard, an Executive Coach, Leadership Development facilitator, and Published Author with 20+ years of global experience. She has coached senior leaders at UK Space Agency Accelerators, L’Oreal, STERIS, Sanofi, Tesco, Heinz, EY, Panasonic, Airbus Group,  RAL Space, and many more.

Gabriella is a graduate of CTI (Coaches Training Institute) and has completed professional studies at International Space University, Stanford, and IDEO. She is also a member of Forbes Coaches Council and a member of the International Coach Federation.

Our Brainsparker Leadership Coaching team brings together a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences that will help upskill and advance the innovation catalysts working in your organization.

Read our Forbes articles on:
“Five Strategies to Unlock Your Inner Innovator.”
“Be an Innovative Leader by Playing to Your Personality Strengths.”
“Thrive in an Uncertain World With These Six Leadership Qualities.”

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Phone: +44 207 096 1469
124 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom

what's new

virtual reality

We’ve had fun running experimental coaching sessions and training workshops in Virtual Reality. We look forward to exploring this more!

spark innovation

Today’s organizations need stronger innovators. Discover the five strategies for quickly up-skilling your inner innovator .

illuminate potential

Unleash collaboration, co-creation, and innovation in your team with the Lumina Spark personality tool and individual coaching.

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