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Think, tap, spark! Think of an issue or problem you’re facing. Tap to pick a random card from one of these decks. Then let it spark your imagination and let the ideas flow freely!

activate deck

Think, tap, spark! Think about a problem or issue. Tap to pick a random card from 150 coaching questions. Then let it spark fresh thinking about your situation or problem.

disrupt deck

Think, tap, spark! Think about a challenge or problem. Pick from a mash-up of 300 words, questions, images, actions, and quotes to help overcome creative blocks and inspire new tangents of thinking.

inspire deck

Never stay stuck and frustrated again! Our new inspire card deck has 300 quotes and pearls of wisdom to fire up your creative mojo! Plus, you can tap into them on-the-go by setting up a daily spark notification, adding our new widget, and downloading our Apple Watch app.

aspire deck

Shape big visions and meaningful goals with these 100 thought-provoking questions – any time of the year.

kids deck

Keep the kids entertained and learning with these 150 fun creative activities to do at home.

Overcome creative blocks, get outside the box, and enhance your creative potential with these specialist card decks.

catalyst deck

150 oblique prompts designed to disrupt your thinking and kickstart your creative work.

coach’s deck

150 probing coaching questions for overcoming your personal challenges and tapping into new potentials.

conversation deck

150 thought-provoking questions to get people talking about their creativity and creative process. Ideal for icebreakers in workshops, team meetings, and group Zoom calls!

gulp! deck

150 random prompts to help you face your fears and overcome any challenge. Based on the best-selling book “Gulp!” by Gabriella Goddard

journal deck

150 self-discovery prompts ideal for self-reflection and journaling

mindful deck

150 soul-searching prompts to help you connect more deeply to your inner creative and bring your attention to the now.

positive deck

150 affirmations to help you overcome blocks and inspire you to create

words deck

150 trigger words for getting focus and clarity on your creative journey and with your creative projects.

quotes deck

150 motivating creativity quotes to help you shift perspective, explore limiting beliefs and change attitudes.

Become a stronger innovation leader and inspire your team to develop more innovative products and services with these specialist card decks.

innovator’s deck

150 trigger questions great for brainstorming on different ways to innovate your products and services.

leaders deck

150 coaching questions to develop your mindset and ability to lead innovation.

metaphor deck

60 images that you can use to describe your problem or idea and unlock new perspectives and insights.

team deck

150 coaching questions to unlock greater innovation potential in your team, and improve collaboration, communication, and performance.

what if? deck

150 thought-provoking questions to expand your mind and shift your perspective

Overcome writer’s block, create more compelling stories, and spark new ideas for your masterpieces with these specialist card decks!

writer’s deck

150 unique story starters perfect for warming up your writing, overcoming blocks and exploring different angles.

character deck

150 description prompts ideal for developing compelling characters for writing and marketing

dialogue deck

150 dialogue prompts for crafting captivating conversations

mood deck

150 random emotions and feelings to spice up your creations and to deepen emotional connections

plot pack

150 prompts to spice up your plot

poetry deck

150 prompts to inspire your next poem

scenery deck

150 prompts to create compelling scenes

scriptwriting deck

150 random prompts to strengthen your scripts and screenplays.

blogger’s deck

150 different titles great for inspiring new ideas and topics for writing blog posts, articles, and features.

Jumpstart your art, design, and photography and inspire your next piece of work with these specialist card decks.

artist’s deck

150 random prompts to jumpstart your artistic process and inspire your next piece.

photo deck

150 prompts for enhancing your photography and visual art

colors deck

150 random colors to bring more visual impact to your creations and to encourage you to explore new possibilites

Spark new ideas and get your creative brain thinking differently with these card decks!

numbers deck

150 random numbers designed to get you exploring different tangents to trigger novel ideas

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