for apple users:

Are you struggling with writer’s block? Do you sometimes get stuck on what to write next?

Every day thousands of writers use our random prompt cards to flex their creative muscle, overcome blocks, and spark new story ideas.

Try our free app out for yourself. It’s ideal for creative writing, short stories, poetry, song writing and journaling.

Just pick a random card when you need to:

  • warm-up with a story starter
  • come up with fresh story ideas
  • take a break or shift gear
  • add something new to your character
  • trigger a new plot direction
  • free-write or journal your thoughts

You never know what it might spark!

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for android users:

Our free brainsparker app is not yet available on Android smart phones.

So we’ve created an online card picker for you to play with.

Just pick a random prompt card to give your writing a boost and get your creative juices flowing.

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