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Unleash your Inner Innovator

New problems need new solutions – and fresh thinking. That’s why our gym* program is designed to develop your innovator’s mindset, skills, and techniques – every month, for the next 12 months. So that when problems strike, you are fit and ready to shape brilliant solutions.

workouts for your inner innovator

Our world is rapidly changing. 

That’s why organizations need strong innovators who can think on their feet and come up with brilliant ideas to solve today’s problems – as well as those of tomorrow.

So it’s no surprise that the World Economic Forum’s latest “Future of Jobs” report showed that “analytical thinking and innovation” is the number one skill you will need to thrive at work by 2025.

But are you ready?

Our gym* program is designed to develop your ability, and agility, to be more innovative so that you can solve problems, create new approaches, disrupt business models, and shape solutions with smarter ideas. 

Every four weeks for the next 12 months, you’ll get workouts that develop a specific innovation mindset, tool or technique. You can learn on-the-job and apply your new skills and techniques to live challenges to get tangible results.

This will get you fit for the future.

In fact, you’ll probably be creating the future.

what will you learn?

Over the next 12 months you’ll learn:

  • How to power up your creative brain
  • The best ways to stimulate your imagination
  • Techniques to identify the “real problem” to be solved
  • Clever ways to play with your perspective
  • How to use the Design Thinking approach
  • The best questions to ask to spark brilliant ideas
  • New ways to optimize your brainstorming sessions
  • Why and how to uplevel your innovator’s mindset
  • Strategies for overcoming blocks and barriers
  • How to communicate your ideas with impact
  • The importance of cultivating your innovator’s intuition
  • Leadership strategies to unleash innovation in teams

who is the gym* for?

The gym* program is ideal for people who want to be stronger innovators like:

  • Professionals  who need to solve complex problems
  • Managers who are responsible for driving innovation
  • Entrepreneurs who want to disrupt markets
  • Creatives who thrive on fresh and novel ideas 
  • Consultants who want to enhance solutions for clients
  • Coaches looking for new approaches and techniques
  • HR/L&D who want to build innovation capabilities on-the-job

what's included in each gym* workout?


A video training to develop one innovation skill or quality.


New tools or techniques you can put into practice immediately.


Coaching questions to apply to current challenges.


A short video clip to inspire you to take action.

what people are saying

why train with us?

Our mission at brainsparker is to ignite over 1,000,000 people to spark new & brilliant ideas that shift paradigms in life, at work and in our world.

Our brainsparker app is the No.1 app for creativity and creative thinking in the App Store in US, Canada, Australia & NZ with hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. And our brainsparker academy has thousands of members who are learning to enhance their creativity and innovation capabilities, especially at work.

We are based in London, UK, and our founder, Gabriella Goddard, is a highly experienced Executive Coach and Leadership Development expert with a specialism in creative thinking and innovation. 

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Join the gym* today and start unleashing your inner innovator.

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  • Receive a new module every four weeks.
  • Take part in a 30-minute onboarding call with a gym* coach
  • Get creative workouts emailed to you every week.
  • Participate in live workout webinars
  • Accumulate over 17 hours of study over the next 12 months
  • Receive Certificates of Achievement for each module

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