welcome to the gym*
weekly workouts for your creative brain

Is coming up with new ideas to solve problems, create innovative solutions and shape pioneering concepts an important part of your role at work? 

Then key to your success will be your ability to think creatively, push the boundaries and imagine things differently.

But it's easy to get stuck in a rut.

That's why we've designed our gym* program to give your creative mind a weekly workout to disrupt your routine thinking, share new tools & techniques and train your brain to think even more creatively.

So that each week, you're boosting your creative muscle.

what is the gym*?

The gym* is a 12 month micro-learning program where we email you one creativity workout lesson each week for the next 52 weeks. Each workout is designed to:

  • Train your brain to come up with smarter ideas to solve problems, develop concepts and shape strategic visions
  • Teach you new creative thinking tools & techniques that you can apply immediately
  • Develop your creative leadership, and help you become an ideas catalyst for your team, clients, colleagues and customers
  • Help you take advantage of learning on-the-go and on-the-job with bite-sized lessons emailed directly to you every week

who is the gym* for?

for managers & team leaders to:

  • develop your creative leadership
  • enhance your innovation skills 
  • learn new techniques that you can apply immediately
  • be a catalyst for unlocking creative talent in others
  • bring more growth and value to the business

for creatives & entrepreneurs to:

  • continuously disrupt your routine thinking
  • explore new ways to innovate and pioneer
  • apply new techniques to solve real problems
  • develop the skills to unlock creative ideas in others
  • discover the solutions that will shift paradigms and change the game

for HR, coaches & consultants to:

  • develop your own creative mindset and capabilities
  • add new tools & techniques to your coaching toolkit
  • discover new ways to challenge assumptions, beliefs and blocks
  • help clients to push boundaries and raise the bar
  • add more value and make a bigger difference

check out a sample creativity workout

  • bite-sized lesson 
  • includes self-reflection & action learning
  • plus an inspiring video 
  • study time = approx 30-45 mins 

what's included in each gym* workout?

creative mindset

for the week

Each week we focus on one core creative mindset, randomly selected via a brainsparker card.

strengthen your

creative ability

Then we share a tool, technique or process to help you develop that creative mindset, for yourself and others.

develop your

creative agility

Plus we also provide you with coaching questions and action learning steps to apply this mindset to real life problems.



Then we finish off with a quote, a video clip and a photo to stimulate your imagination and creative juices.

join the gym* today

one year's gym* membership


(approx. £70 / €80)

  • Receive one creativity workout lesson via email, each week for the next 52 weeks
  • Boost your creative capabilities every week
  • Immediately apply what you learn to real problems
  • Learn on-the-job and in your own time 
  • Accumulate over 17 hours of study over the year

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why learn with us?


Founder & Coaching Director

Our mission at brainsparker is to ignite over 1,000,000 people to spark new & brilliant ideas that shift paradigms in life, at work and in our world.

That's why we're passionate about coaching and training people to think creatively, to help them spark new ideas, shape paradigm shifting visions and launch game-changing concepts.

Our brainsparker app is the No.1 app for creativity and creative thinking in the App Store in US, Canada, Australia & NZ with hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

And our brainsparker academy offers a range of online coaching and training programs to enhance creativity and innovation capabilities especially at work.

Brainsparker is based in London, UK, and was founded by Gabriella Goddard, a highly experienced Executive Coach, Leadership Development Facilitator and Published Author with a specialism in creative thinking and innovation.

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