Master your fear and break through any challenge!

Stepping outside your comfort zone can be scary. It takes courage, confidence, and commitment.

Let top Executive Coach, Gabriella Goddard, guide you through her 7-step Gulp! roadmap to leap from where you are today - to where you want to be.

It's time to Give Up Living Passively!

if not now...when?

Stepping outside your comfort zone can be scary. You feel the fear in the pit of your stomach. Yet you know in your heart it’s time to face your fear and step up to the next level of your life.

It’s time to Gulp!

No matter what challenge you’re facing in your personal life, at work or with your creative projects, Gulp! offers a proven framework to help you leap from where you are now — to where you want to be.

Gabriella Goddard is a top executive coach, international speaker, and motivational expert who has coached thousands of people to take their potential and performance to the next level. Her inspiring, no-nonsense, practical approach leaves no room for excuses as she takes you by the hand and guides you through your big Gulp! moment.

But most of all she will motivate you to STOP making excuses and START taking action –right NOW! 

So whether it’s time for you to make changes in your career, relationships, home, job, health, creative projects, or business, the Gulp! 7-day roadmap will help you to: 

  • Commit to change – so you can move past procrastination and indecision
  • Understand your fear triggers – and adopt powerful strategies to disarm them
  • Cultivate your inner calm – so you can confidently embrace your challenge head-on
  • Expand your mindset – and do things you never thought possible
  • Chart your course – to turn your big ideas into real actions
  • Shut up the doubters – and show them what you’re truly made of
  • Stop making excuses for inaction – starting NOW

Gulp! is a practical everyday guide that will give you the tools and strategies to develop the inner confidence, courage, and commitment you need to turn your Gulp! moments into opportunities for success.

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every journey starts with the first step

Hi, I’m Gabriella Goddard, the author of “Gulp! : The 7-day crash course to master fear and break through any challenge.” (Penguin/Random House)

I know first-hand that stepping outside your comfort zone can be scary. When my life was catapulted into the unknown by a redundancy, a cancer scare and the death of a close friend, it really was sink or swim. 

Luckily I decided to swim and have gone on to fulfill my dreams of writing a book, launching the highly successful Brainsparker App & Academy, and being selected as a member of Forbes Coaches Council.

Your big leaps can happen too! In Gulp! I will share the 7-step roadmap that transformed my tragedies into triumphs. 

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