Is it time to step up to a challenge in life or at work?
Does fear and doubt hold you back?

Stepping outside your comfort zone can be scary. It takes courage and confidence. Whatever challenge you're facing, let top coach Gabriella Goddard, guide you through her 7-day roadmap. So that you can turn your "gulp!" moments into opportunities for success and happiness.

  • Get Clarity. Work through the 7-day roadmap and discover how to change your mindset, beliefs and approach from "can't" into "can."
  • Believe in Yourself. Shift from fear to faith by developing the inner courage and confidence to choose change no matter what others say.
  • Be Inspired. Hear how real people have confronted their fears and risen to the challenge to turn their "gulp!" moments into opportunities for success
  • Move Forward. Transform your thoughts into proactive action with simple techniques, insightful questions and practical exercises.

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Our free 25-page Gulp! Workbook is the perfect companion for your Gulp! journey with space to capture your thoughts and actions as you work through Gulp! and make changes.

Suzy Greaves
(Psychologies Magazine)

Praise for Gulp!

"Gulp! - read this book and there really are no more excuses for not living a life you your really want. This brilliant programme gives us a practical roadmap of how to transform fear into inspired action - in just seven days."

Suzy Greaves, Editor of Psychologies UK Magazine, Author of Making the Big Leap

If Not Now, When?

Are you facing a challenge, one that calls for you to step outside your comfort zone?

…do you feel like stepping back, or leaping forward?

When you face a big change in your life…do you embrace it with open arms, or do you shy away from it?

Most of us are scared of change. So when a cry for change is calling up from deep inside us, we tend to ignore it. We would rather have things stay the same. It’s easier that way.

But is it?

The trouble is, when we ignore and deny the natural flow of change in our lives, we rob ourselves of our capacity to grow and enjoy a more exciting and rewarding future.

Maybe you want to make a big career change or start your own business? Or maybe you dream of writing a book or learning the art of public speaking? Or maybe you feel the pull of adventure to trek Machu Picchu or work in an African orphanage? Or maybe you want to start dating again, get married, start a family or “find yourself” after the kids have left home. And maybe it’s simply time to be more confident, stand up to others and follow your own path in life.

Whatever the reason, it’s important. It’s crunch time. You feel the fear in the pit of your stomach. You know in your heart of hearts that it is time to be brave and face the challenge. But you’re afraid. Will it work out okay? Will you mess things up?

The Gulp! philosophy is simple. Challenges are good. They’re an opportunity to learn and grow. They give us a reason to stop and reflect upon what’s really important to us. They open us to new ideas and opportunities. And they provide us with the impetus to make quantum shifts in our life.

So the big question is, do you want to do it the easy way, or the hard way?

Gulp! is the essential practical everyday guide designed to inspire real people to make real changes in their life. It provides a seven-day process that shows you how to turn your “gulp” moments of change, into opportunities for success.

Top coach, Gabriella Goddard, takes you by the hand and guides you through:

– Recognizing the pivot points in your life that open the way to change
– Using your imagination to shatter the status quo – and do the things you never thought were possible
– Understanding the fear triggers – and the strategies to disarm them
– Cultivating the calm, well-being, and energy to overcome any challenge
– Turning off the naysayers, doubters, and those who hold you back

But most of all she will motivate you to STOP making excuses and START taking action – right NOW!

She’ll walk you through the step by step process and share real-life examples of how other people have faced and dealt with their own Gulp! moments. Their stories are truly inspirational and show us all how to massively extend the boundaries of what we consider “possible” in our own lives.

– It is “possible” to walk away from your job and decide to raise money for charity by cycling around Madagascar…and transform your life in the process? Dean did.

– It is “possible” that being diagnosed with leukemia can have a positive impact on your life and give you new energy and meaning, every day? That’s what happened with Sian.

– It is “possible” to give a successful presentation at a major conference, even if you have never done it before and public speaking terrifies you? Sue did.

– It is “possible” for one person to utterly change a government’s position on the issue of school meals? Jamie Oliver did.

Gabriella herself has walked the walk, and knows exactly how it feels to be catapulted outside her comfort zone and into the void of the unknown.

She knows that there is no time like the present, because there is nothing but the present.

Now it’s time to tackle your own Gulp! moment…

Gabriella Goddard

Author of Gulp!
Founder of brainsparker app & academy

About Gabriella Goddard

Gabriella Goddard is an international speaker, innovation expert and leading executive coach with a passion for developing people to be game-changers in life and at work. Her clients include leaders from the world's top multinationals, entrepreneurs and talented people with big visions.

Gabriella is no stranger to Gulp! moments. Catapulted into the unknown by a redundancy, a cancer scare and the death of a close friend, she has transformed her life and fulfilled her dreams of writing a book, living in the Mediterranean and launching the highly successful brainsparker creativity app and innovation academy.

Gabriella is popular speaker at conferences and seminars, and is regularly featured in the press and on radio/podcasts.

In 2016, she was the winner of the Global Impact Award at the Entrepreneurs Institute.

What People are Saying About Gulp!

"An honest, authentic and inspiring guide to listening to your heart, facing your fears and following your dreams. This book is excellent for anyone at a crossroads in their life."

Nick Williams (Author & Entrepreneur)

"Hold on to your hat, this will be the ride of your life!"

Sarah Newton (TV Presenter & Author)

"Gulp! reminds us to live our lives to the fullest and not be held back by the fear of change."

Healthplus Magazine

"Gulp! is the ultimate remedy for anyone facing a testing situation."

Prima Magazine

Take a Sneak Peak into the 7-Day Roadmap

Whatever your Gulp! moment, Gabriella will take you by the hand and coach you through her 7-day roadmap. For small challenges you can easily follow the program in a week. For bigger challenges, one's that require major shifts in your life, you may prefer to follow the program over a month, with one or two chapters per week.
Day 1:
Dare & Defy

Day 1 is all about facing your challenge head on, exploring the deeper meaning beneath it, understanding the root of any pain or suffering and making the ultimate choice of "go, or no go."

Day 2:
Breakdown & Breakthrough

In Day 2 we focus on fear. We break it down and put it under the microscope so you can see it for what it really is. Then we'll explore ways to transform it from a brake that slows you down, to a propeller that moves you forward

Day 3:
Center & Connect

Day 3 is all about calming your mind and building a strong inner core. This will help you make better choices and decisions, and remain centered and strong when the pressure hits.

Day 4:
Imagine & Invent

In Day 4 we get you expanding your mind and thinking outside the box. We'll get you brainstorming new ideas and looking at your challenge from completely different and new perspectives.

Day 5:
Plan & Prepare

By Day 5 we start shaping your plan and define where you're heading and what you need to do to get there. Then we'll identify clear and targeted actions to get you there swiftly and gracefully.

Day 6:
Focus & Flow

As you move outside your comfort zone, Day 6 is all about letting go of control and learning how to simply "be in the flow." We'll explore how intention, intuition and instinct can be powerful signposts to guide you.

Day 7:
Gulp! & Go

Then in Day 7 we'll learn from the stories of three people who, like you, have faced their deepest fears, stepped up to the challenge and transformed their life in the process. It's time for you to Gulp!

Wisdom Words

At the back of Gulp! is a list of 250 Wisdom Words that you can use as random triggers to spark new insights and develop greater clarity and focus.

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