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Make Your Big Dream Happen

Have you got a big dream or a creative idea you’d like to make happen this year? Find the confidence and courage to step outside your comfort zone and leap into where you want to be with our Gulp! & Go eKit. 

turn "one day" into "today"

What’s the big dream, creative idea or calling that’s bubbling up inside of you?

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of writing a book or producing a screenplay. Or maybe you’d love to make your first album, or exhibit your photography, design  or art.  Or maybe you want to change career, or take your creative ideas and turn them into a successful business, or even start a social enterprise that makes a difference in the world.

Whatever your dream, why not make it happen this year?

Yes I know…sometimes that’s easier said than done.

You don’t have time.

You don’t have the money.

It’s too risky.

Your friends and family think it won’t work.

You’ll fail.

But just pause for a moment.

Take a look around you.

Every thing you see started as a seed of an idea.

And someone made it happen.

So you can too.

It’s time to <gulp!>

After all, if not now…when?

every journey starts with the first step

Gulp! by Gabriella Goddard

Hi, I’m Gabriella Goddard, the author of “Gulp! : The 7-day crash course to master fear and break through any challenge.” (Penguin/Random House)

I know first-hand that stepping outside your comfort zone can be scary. When my life was catapulted into the unknown by a redundancy, a cancer scare and the death of a close friend, it really was sink or swim. 

Luckily I decided to swim and have gone on to fulfill my dreams of writing a book, launching the highly successful Brainsparker App & Academy, and being selected as a member of Forbes Coaches Council.

Your big dreams can happen too! In this Gulp! & Go program I will share the 7-step Gulp! roadmap that transformed my tragedies into triumphs. 

start with the inner work

When you work through Gulp! 7-step roadmap you’ll be doing the important inner work and taking the smart actions that will enable you to:

  • Commit to change and move past procrastination and indecision
  • Understand your fear triggers and adopt strategies to disarm them
  • Cultivate your inner calm and face your challenge with confidence
  • Expand your mindset and do things you never thought possible
  • Chart your course and turn your hopes and dreams into real actions
  • Shut up the doubters and show them what you’re truly made of
  • Stop making excuses for inaction – starting right NOW
Gulp! by Gabriella Goddard

equip yourself for the journey

Our Gulp! & Go eKit gives you instant access to Gabriella’s ebook, workbook, and coaching lessons so you can get started right away.


Read the digital version of "Gulp! on your Kindle or eReader.


Capture your insights and actions in the 25-page Gulp! workbook.

extra lessons

Work through the extra lessons emailed to you every week for 8 weeks.

online course

Come back to Gulp! & Go whenever you want via our academy portal.

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start your Gulp! today

If you’re ready to step outside your comfort zone and make your big dream happen, get your Gulp! & Go eKit today.

Just $19.99

Or email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or would like to discuss speaking or media opportunities with Gabriella Goddard.

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