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for brainstorming new ideas at work or in business

If coming up with new ideas to solve problems and creating better solutions is an important part of your role at work, then key to your success will be your ability to think creatively, challenge the status quo and imagine things differently. 

But even you can lose your creative mojo.

That's why we've put together this free creativity kickstart* kit with random prompt cards and 4 brainstorming workouts designed to stimulate your imagination and open your mind to new possibilities.

Why not try them out this week?

getting started

Random prompts are a brilliant way of disrupting your routine thinking, shifting your perspective and triggering fresh ideas and connections.

Our kickstart* creativity kit provides you with 26 creative thinking prompts ideal for brainstorming new ideas to solve problems, develop new concepts or shape propositions.

They're great to use by yourself, or with groups and teams.

kickstart* wall-chart:

The kickstart* wall-chart gives you a handy overview of all the 26 creative thinking prompts.

Pin it on your wall, take it to meetings or save a photo on your phone/tablet.

And when you get stuck, just close your eyes, then randomly tap on the wall-chart and use the random prompt you select to trigger new insights and ideas.

kickstart* eGuide:

Dive a bit deeper into each of the 26 creative thinking prompts with the kickstart eGuide.

Read the short explanations and try out the coaching questions. Add your own favorite questions for each prompt as well!

Print off the eGuide or save it on your books app so it's always there whenever you need it.

kickstart* online card picker:

Spice things up by randomly picking a kickstart* prompt from our online card picker.

This is a great tool to use for yourself, and also fun to use in group brainstorming sessions.

Hook your laptop up to the data-projector, pick a random card and get everyone brainstorming together.


kickstart* card template:

Create your own set of kickstart* cards by downloading our card template (available in regular & large).

Let your creativity fly free as you express each of the 26 creative thinking prompts in your own way.

Or get everyone involved and make it a team or group activity.

free brainsparker app:

If you want to take random prompts to the next level, try our free brainsparker app.

You'll instantly have access to hundreds of random prompts mixing up images, words, questions, actions and quotes.

It's great for a quick spark of inspiration to overcome blocks, clarify your thinking or trigger fresh ideas.

Plus you can hook your smartphone or tablet up to the data-projector, and use it as a fun ice-breaker and group brainstorming tool.

using the kickstart* kit

Here are 4 brainstorming workouts great for coming up with new and fresh ideas either by yourself, or in groups and teams.

power of 5:

Think of the challenge or problem you're facing:

  • Pick a random prompt and write down your first thoughts
  • Pick again, and repeat up to 5 times
  • Sit back and reflect on all your insights
  • What new ideas and concepts have emerged?

In groups you can brainstorm together around the same prompt, or you can create sub-groups and brainstorm on different prompts.

dynamic duo:

Think about possible ideas and solutions for your problem:

  • Divide your page into 2 columns
  • Pick one random prompt and write down your thoughts in the first column
  • Pick a second random prompt and write your ideas in the second column
  • Sit back and see how you could combine ideas from the two columns
  • What new ideas and concepts have emerged?

In groups you can get people to work individually or in pairs, and then ask them to select their 2 most disruptive idea combinations. Then bring these ideas together and expand further as a group.

free-range writing:

Think about the problem you're trying to solve:

  • Pick one random prompt
  • Start writing your initial thoughts for 1 minute
  • Then pass your paper to the person on your right
  • And receive the paper from the person on your left
  • Start building on what they've written
  • Continue for up to 5 turns
  • Sit back and reflect on what's been written and extract the best ideas

In groups you can ask each person to pick one random prompt to start writing about. That way you can cover multiple perspectives which is incredibly useful.

doodle flow:

Reflect on all the ideas and insights that have been generated so far:

  • Pick one random prompt
  • Capture your thoughts using images, doodles, diagrams, flow charts
  • Pick another two random prompts and do the same
  • Sit back and reflect on what you see
  • What new ideas and concepts have emerged?

In groups you can bring the sheets of paper together on a wall, and look for synergies, disruptions and useful metaphors. Plus it's a great way to play with combining different ideas and concepts.

"Creativity is not the domain of one single person. Through free-association of thoughts and brainstorming, an accidental suggestion can be the best solution."

Joshua Fernandez

more great resources


Plus here are some other resources we recommend to really boost your ability to come up with new and fresh ideas, and then turn them into reality.

extra packs

Spice things up by adding the Innovator's Pack, Coach's Pack and Words Pack via InApp purchases (go to "my collections")

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We use Mindmeister as our favorite mindmapping tool. It's really easy to use and great for capturing your ideas and shaping concepts.

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If you're ready to turn your creative ideas and dreams into reality, our Gulp! ecourse will show you how.

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repeat timer

The Repeat Timer app is very handy for timing your brainstorming workouts

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more about brainsparker

Our big vision for 2021 is to ignite over 1,000,000 people to spark new & brilliant ideas that shift paradigms in life, at work and in our world

brainsparker app is a top free creativity and innovation app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Brainsparker was founded in 2014 by Gabriella Goddard, an Innovation Coach, Speaker, Published Author. Today it is the No.1 app for "creativity" in US, Canada, UK and Australia. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people use our random prompts to overcome blocks and brainstorm new ideas.

In 2017 we launched the brainsparker academy as a global platform for helping people develop their creative thinking and innovation capabilities. Now, we have over 10,000 members on our free and paid courses, sparking new & fresh ideas in life, at work and with their creative projects.

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