At brainsparker we love creating resources that will help supercharge your creativity, develop your skills, and spark brilliant ideas. We’ve created a range of guides, templates, books, journals, and other resources for you to play around with. 

They’re great for both solo-brainstorming and group sessions, so why not give them a try. You just never know what they might spark!


make your own card deck

writing journal


Gulp! : The Book

Want to finally get that creative idea off the ground? Tired of procrastinating and ready to take a leap of faith?
Gabriella Goddard, brainsparker’s founder, will take you by the hand and coach you through her seven-step roadmap and help you turn that big idea into reality.

Available in print, audio, and Kindle:

my ideas journal

The best ideas are the one that you actually write down!  Our new Ideas Journal is fantastic for capturing all those random thoughts and curating them all in one place. You’ll never lose (or forget) a brilliant idea again. 

Currently available in five colors via Redbubble.

Brainsparker Card Deck

The brainsparker app is famous for its range of card decks and random spark cards. But did you know that it started out as a physical card deck?

This is a photo of the original version, and we’re super excited to share that the updated version is now under development. We’ll add them here as soon as they’re available.

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