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Join over half a million writers, artists, photographers, business professionals, coaches, and teachers who are using the brainsparker app to overcome blocks, get inspired, and brainstorm brilliant ideas.

Discover the magic of our spark cards with 1000s of creative prompts at your fingertips.

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550K downloads  |  2.8K+ reviews

creative inspiration is just a tap away

Our free version has five card decks with 1000+ creative prompts. Plus you can set up daily spark notifications, add the widget, and enjoy our taster courses.

Serious creatives can upgrade to the vip pass and get instant access to 25+ specialist card decks and more advanced courses.

powered by 10 years of expertise

Brainsparker has been sparking imaginations since 2013 and was founded by Gabriella Goddard, a top Executive Coach, and specialist in leading innovation and creativity.

We believe that the word can be a better place, and it will be your ideas that make it so. All it takes is a spark!

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