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Coach your clients to overcome blocks and transform their future with our creativity card decks, courses, and daily motivation all in one easy-to-use app.

1000+ coaching questions

overcome blocks

explore fresh possibilities

unlock new potentials

7 ways to use brainsparker with clients:

  • start your session with a card to help clients open up 
  • pick a prompt to help a client explore different perspectives
  • select three cards and look for connections between them
  • give your client a card prompt as self-reflection homework
  • use as icebreakers in group sessions and client meetings
  • pick cards in team building and communication activities
  • choose a card yourself to use as an intention for the day

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tap into 25+ card decks

Help your clients dig deeper and explore new perspectives with our range of digital card decks that have been developed over the last 10 years. Tap into 1000s of coaching questions, trigger words, quotes, action statements, and images to inspire fresh thinking.

brainsparker - free creativity app, card decks, and courses

learn new thinking techniques

Develop your own creative mind and learn new coaching approaches with our micro-courses. Apply them to your own coaching business and introduce fresh approaches in your next client session.

get inspired every day

Get a boost of inspiration throughout the day with daily spark notifications and by adding our widget to your home screen. A quick glance is all you need when you feel stuck or frustrated.

brainsparker - free creativity app, card decks, and courses

downloaded by over half a million people around the world

Instantly harness the power of coaching questions, neuroscience, and idea generation techniques to help your clients get unstuck, discover new perspectives, and make positive change. Brainsparker was developed by a seasoned Executive Coach and is ideal for coaches, facilitators, trainers, and consultants working with individuals and groups.


550K downloads  |  2.8K+ reviews

transforming lives - one person at a time

The brainsparker app was created in 2013 by Gabriella Goddard, an Executive Coach, Leadership Development facilitator, and Published Author with 20+ years of global experience. She has coached senior leaders at L’Oreal, STERIS, Sanofi, Tesco, Heinz, EY, Panasonic, Airbus Group,  RAL Space, and many more.

Gabriella is a graduate of CTI (Coaches Training Institute) and has completed professional studies at International Space University, Stanford, and IDEO.

She is a member of the International Coach Federation, Forbes Coaches Council, and regularly writes articles on innovation, leadership, and coaching.

Read her Forbes article on “How Coaching Can Unlock Innovation in a Crisis.”

upgrade to the vip pass

The brainsparker app is free to download and gives you instant access to five card decks with 1000+ spark card prompts. When you upgrade to the vip pass, you can tap into 25+ more card decks on specialist topics around creative mindset, coaching, and business. Here’s a taster of the coach’s deck, conversation deck, and metaphor deck which are great for spicing up your lessons.

Tap into 150 coaching questions to explore blocks, fresh perspectives, and new options.

Tap into 150 conversation starters ideal for ice-breakers in group sessions.

Tap into 60 diverse images that can help people see their problems differently.

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