do you want to create, innovate, and lead the next frontier?

our world is rapidly changing

To survive in this fast-changing landscape, businesses need courageous people who are strong creative thinkers, innovative problem solvers, and pioneering game-changers. 

It’s no surprise that recent Linkedin Research cites “creativity” as the most in-demand skill for 2020, and the World Economic Forum predicts that “creativity” and “innovation” will be two of the top skills you’ll need to thrive by 2022.  

The question is…are you ready?

At the brainsparker academy we offer training & coaching programs that equip you with the leadership mindset, knowledge, and skills to get you fit for the future.

In fact, you’ll probably be creating the future.

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We offer a range of highly interactive learning programs that blend online, virtual, and face-to-face workshops based on a strong coaching approach and a global perspective.


spark your creative mind

Get a free zap of micro-learning designed to disrupt your thinking, shift your perspective, and inspire you to come up with better ideas. Delivered fresh to your Inbox every Monday.

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build your creative agility

Creativity is like a muscle, the more you use it the better it gets. That’s why with our gym* program you get one lesson every week that explores a creative or innovation tool, technique, skill or mindset. We’ll also show you how to put it into practice. That means, you can upskill on-the-go and immediately apply your learning to current challenges. Delivered to your Inbox every Wednesday for 12 months.


unleash your true potential

If you want to optimize your own potential, or up-level the performance of your team, then our illuminate* program will show you how. Using the Lumina Spark Personality Test not only will you develop greater self-awareness, you’ll improve your ability to innovate, collaborate, communicate, influence and lead others. Illuminate* is ideal for manager/leaders, groups and individuals. Delivered virtually or via face-to-face workshops.


become an innovation leader

To stay ahead of the curve, businesses need courageous, creative and collaborative people who can lead others through uncertain times. In our highly interactive lead* program you’ll enhance your innovative mindset, learn new idea generation techniques, explore the design thinking process and enhance your innovation coaching skills. Lead* is ideal for groups of high-potential managers and leaders. Delivered via face-to-face workshops, with online support and reinforcement.


ignite the innovative spirit in others

Catalyst* is our train-the-trainer program ideal for managers, leaders, coaches, trainers, consultants, and educators who want to unlock the creative potential in others and inspire an innovation culture where great ideas thrive. You’ll become certified in our unique methodologies, and learn from our extensive knowledge and expertise. Delivered via online learning, virtual webinars and face-to-face workshops.

why work with us

highly experienced

Bringing over 17 years of experience facilitating leadership development workshops and executive coaching programs.

coaching approach

Putting learning immediately into practice and applying it to live situations and challenges to get real results

global mindset

Catering for different learning styles and multi-cultural groups located across multiple sites, both nationally and internationally.

integrated learning

Blending in-person workshops with mobile learning, virtual webinars, ecourses, micro-learning and social collaboration

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what's new

Unleash your creativity in 2020 with these five daily practices designed to challenge your creative thinking every day. (As featured on Forbes)

optimize your talents

Want to discover your strengths and take your career potential to the next level? Find out how with the Lumina Spark Personality Test.

the I.D.E.A.S. habit

Creativity is like a muscle. The more you use it the better it gets. Our new I.D.E.A.S. Habit model shows you how to cultivate your creativity a little bit every day. 

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Gabriella Goddard
Coaching Director

We’d love to explore how we can help you to unleash your potential to create, innovate and pioneer. And future proof your business.

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