do you want to create, innovate, and lead the next frontier?

our world is rapidly changing

To survive in this fast-changing landscape, businesses need courageous people who are strong creative thinkers, innovative problem solvers, and pioneering game-changers. 

It’s no surprise that recent Linkedin Research cites “creativity” as the most in-demand skill for 2020, and the World Economic Forum predicts that “creativity” and “innovation” will be two of the top skills you’ll need to thrive by 2022.  

The question is…are you ready?

At the brainsparker academy we offer training & coaching programs that equip you with the leadership mindset, knowledge, and skills to get you fit for the future.

In fact, you’ll probably be creating the future.

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We offer a range of highly interactive learning programs that blend online, virtual, and face-to-face workshops based on a strong coaching approach and a global perspective. 


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unleash your inner innovator

New problems need new solutions – and new thinking. That’s why our gym* program is designed to enhance your ability, and agility, to be more innovative. Every month, for 12 months, you’ll develop a new innovation mindset, skill, or technique. Plus you’ll be invited to join our live workouts via zoom. You can access your gym* workouts via our brainsparker academy portal. Group packages are also available for company programs.


discover your true potential

If you want to unlock more of your own potential, or lift the performance of your team, then our illuminate* program will show you how. Using the Lumina Spark Personality Test you’ll explore your strengths, potential weak spots, and possible derailers. Armed with this knowledge you’ll discover how to bring the best out in yourself – and in the people around you. Illuminate* is ideal for managers/leaders, teams, and professionals. Delivered virtually or via face-to-face workshops.

thrive* leadership program, brainsparker academy


navigate through challenging times

2020 has been a year like no other. When COVID-19 hit, it catapulted the world into a state of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. And this “VUCA” world isn’t about to change anytime soon. Thrive* is our new leadership program that coaches managers to develop the six leadership qualities needed to successfully navigate themselves, and their team, through these challenging times over the next 6-12 months. Thrive* is delivered in small groups via online learning, project work, and virtual webinars.


become an innovation leader

To stay ahead of the curve, businesses need courageous, creative, and collaborative managers who can lead their teams into new frontiers. In our highly interactive lead* program you’ll enhance your leadership mindset, learn new idea generation techniques, explore the design thinking process, and develop your innovation coaching skills. Lead* is ideal for groups of high-potential managers and leaders. Delivered via face-to-face workshops, with online support and reinforcement.

why work with us

highly experienced

Bringing over 18 years of experience facilitating leadership development workshops and executive coaching programs.

coaching approach

Putting learning immediately into practice and applying it to live situations and challenges to get real results

global mindset

Catering for different learning styles and multi-cultural groups located across multiple sites, both nationally and internationally.

integrated learning

Blending in-person workshops with mobile learning, virtual webinars, ecourses, micro-learning and social collaboration

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case study

Discover how Exeter University’s leadership team applied what they learned in our lead* program to deliver transformational change.

optimize your talent

Discover how to play to your strengths, boost your confidence, and be a better team leader with the Lumina Spark Personality Test.

BRAINSTORM Model by Gabriella Goddard, Brainsparker Academy

spice up your zoom calls

The next time you have a zoom session to brainstorm ideas, why not agree on some ground rules to really get the ideas flowing. Check out our Top 10 as featured in Forbes.

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Gabriella Goddard
Coaching Director

We’d love to explore how we can help you to unleash your potential to create, innovate and lead the next frontier.

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