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Instantly Turn Blocks Into Breakthroughs With The FREE Activate Card Deck

Are your team meetings getting bland and boring? Want to spice them up with some fresh energy and brainstorming buzz?

We’ve created just the tool to help you! The FREE Activate Card Deck will help harness your team’s collective wisdom and breathe new life into your group discussions.

  • Get 52 probing coaching questions that will inspire everyone to think differently
  • Apply them to any problem or issue and watch the roadblocks crumble and new ideas flow
  • Emerge stronger as a team, more collaborative and ready to tackle any challenge

52 Coaching Questions

Tap into 52 probing questions designed to “activate” fresh thinking and new perspectives. Explore your problem from different angles and unlock a world of innovative ideas and solutions.
✓ 52 printable cards
✓ 52 digital cards

Facilitator Guide

Seamlessly integrate the Activate Card Deck into your next team meeting by following our step-by-step facilitator guide. Introduce it as a brainstorming tool for one of your current business challenge.
✓ Introduction slides
✓ Brainstorming ground rules
✓ Activity guides

Brainstorming Worksheets

Use the downloadable brainstorming worksheets to capture all your new insights and ideas.
✓ Power of 5 worksheet
✓ Freestyle blank worksheet
✓ Journal worksheet

Crafted By Experts

Brainsparker’s range of card decks are used by over half a million people across the globe and our free app has featured in Forbes, New York Times, and Entrepreneur. Founded by Gabriella Goddard, a seasoned Executive Coach and Leadership Development expert, we’ve been training and coaching managers to think creatively and be more innovative for over 10 years. 

Start Transforming Your Team Meetings Today

Download the FREE Activate Card Deck and add some brainstorming buzz in your next team meeting.

  • Activate creative thinking and turn blocks into breakthoughs.
  • Activate deeper conversations and find the root cause of the problem
  • Activate better results by sparking innovative ways to solve the problem
  • Activate collaboration where everyone feels valued and every idea matters
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