think. tap. spark.

Join hundreds of thousands of people around the world who are using our random prompt cards to unleash their creative mind, overcome blocks, and ignite their best ideas. Just think about your challenge, tap to pick from 1000+ random prompt cards, and then spark new ideas and insights! 

It’s like having your own creativity coach on call 24/7. 

Rating: 4.6 – 1.4K reviews

latest updates

Here are a some new things we’ve added to the brainsparker app to help you overcome creative blocks and keep those brilliant ideas flowing:

  • a free “inspire pack” with 300 quotes and pearls of wisdom to fuel your creative mojo
  • a new widget and daily spark notifications delivered direct to your device every day
  • an updated apple watch app so you can tap into creative inspiration on-the-go
  • instructions on how use the brainsparker app to spice up your Zoom/MS Teams meetings
  • a new “mindfulness pack” and “conversation pack” for cultivating your inner creative genius


endless ideas in one easy to use app

With over 1000+ creativity prompts simply a tap away, you’ll never be short of creative inspiration. It’s just like having your own creativity coach on call 24/7 all available in one easy-to-use app


from a wide range of random prompts

Brainsparker’s unique mix of trigger words, quotes, images, actions and questions will help you spark an endless stream of fresh ideas. Plus you can add specialist card packs via in-app purchases.


your creativity every day

Whether you’re facing a challenge at work, in life or with a creative project, set up a daily spark notification and you’ll be inspired to think up creative solutions every day.


the creative talent in others

Use brainsparker a brainstorming tool with groups and teams to generate new and fresh ideas. It’s also great for teachers and trainers looking for fun and interactive ways to spice up their classes and workshops.

what people are saying

come join the ideas revolution

If you want to unleash your creative mind, overcome blocks, and ignite your best ideas, just remember - all it takes is a spark.

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