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We coach and train people on how to think creatively, spark brilliant ideas, and lead innovation with our training courses, card decks, toolkits, and creativity coaching app.

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Our world is rapidly changing.

New problems need new solutions.

And people who are ready to challenge the status quo, ignite breakthrough ideas, and bravely shape the next frontier.

We believe the future can be a better place. And it will be your ideas that make it so.

All it takes is a spark.

we've been sparking creative minds for over 10 years

Our unique approach harnesses the power of advanced coaching techniques, neuroscience principles, and cutting-edge innovation strategies to lay a solid foundation for catalyzing creative potential. Our card decks, courses, and advanced trainings equip you with the mindset, skills, and techniques you need to think creatively and be more innovative.

card decks

Tap into 25+ card decks with 1000s of spark cards for brainstorming new ideas. They're great for solo-brainstorm sessions and in group meetings, workshops, and classes.

brainsparker - free creativity app, card decks, and courses


Dive into our micro-learning modules and online courses to develop the mindset, knowledge, and skills you need to be a inspirational innovator.

brainsparker - free creativity app, card decks, and courses


Become a catalyst that unlocks innovation potential in others. Advance your coaching skills and leadership expertise with our academy training programs.

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igniting the creativity of over half a million people across the globe

According to the World Economic Forum’s “Future of Jobs 2023” report, “creative thinking” is the No.2 skill we all need for 2023, and it ranked as the fastest rising skill. We’re excited to support hundreds of thousands of people of all ages who want to get a head start.


Writers, artists, designers, and photographers who want to overcome blocks and get inspired.


Team leaders looking for fun and interactive ways to spark innovative thinking in their team.


Coaches, facilitators, and consultants who want new ways to help clients unlock brilliant ideas.


Teachers, professors, and trainers who want to enhance learning and engagement in the classroom.

inspire. educate. elevate.

Our coaching card decks, courses, and in-depth training sessions go beyond traditional educational interventions; they’re gateways to transformative experiences. Whether you’re an individual seeking to challenge the status quo or an organization aiming to foster a culture of innovation, think of brainsparker as your trusted creativity coach that you can tap into – anytime, anywhere. 

innovating the future - one person at a time

Brainsparker was launched in 2013 by Gabriella Goddard, an Executive Coach and Published Author with 20+ years of leadership development experience specializing in creative thinking and leading innovation.  

We believe the world needs creators and innovators who can challenge the status quo, spark innovative ideas, and lead the next frontier. We’re here to champion you.

Together we can create a better future – for everyone.

what's new at brainsparker

Keep your children entertained with our free kids deck with over 100 creative activities to stimulate their imagination.

2023 award winners

Brainsparker’s founder, Gabriella Goddard, wins the Globee Silver Award for Women in Business, and Greater London’s Business Women of the Year!

gulp! and go

Finally turn your creative idea into a reality this year! Learn how to overcome self-doubt and procrastination, and map out a masterplan to bring your idea into the world.

unleash your creative potential

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Want to come up with brilliant ideas to solve your daily challenges? Sign up for our free 10-day eCourse and discover the five habits that can ignite your creativity – every day.

brainsparker - free creativity app, card decks, and courses
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